How To Rank Your Medium Articles In Google Search

Divad Sanders

Did you know that Medium submits all your articles to Google to be seen on the results page? But without the right strategies, you may be placed on the 10th page as opposed to the 1st.

What's this about?

There are Medium writers who receive hundreds of thousands of views each month. Although their followings may be massive, a lot of organic traffic comes from Google searches. This is what allows articles to go viral even when the accounts have a few dozen followers.

Those writers have a good grasp of marketing strategies and how to get there articles connected to search engines. You should too!

Increase engagement on your Medium articles with these easy to apply SEO techniques. 

What will you receive?

Transform your Medium articles in magnets. Through this guide you will understand and have direct techniques to:

  • What is SEO
  • How Medium SEO works
  • Tips to optimize your article for Google
  • How to select the right tags
  • Increase click-through-rate (CTR)

With this framework, I have collected 875hrs of read-time and over 116,000 views on my published Medium articles.

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How To Rank Your Medium Articles In Google Search

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