Publish an Article a Day Using This Template

Divad Sanders

Are you having a hard time writing and publishing articles on Medium? Maybe the ideas are there but you have a hard time collecting them into a workable draft.

What's this about?

On Medium, if you want to earn money, attract a bigger audience, or simply express yourself consistency is key. The most-read articles have a read time between 5-7 minutes. That length can be hard to reach.

What will you receive?

In this template, I outline the process of publishing Medium articles that are actually picked up by publications. This is the single best way to organize your thoughts or ideas.

Gain detailed insights on:

  • What headlines attract readers
  • Formatting articles to increase scrolling
  • Constructing an introduction
  • An article outline from start to finish

With this framework, I have collected 875hrs of read-time and over 116,000 views on my published Medium articles.

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Publish an Article a Day Using This Template

I want this!